Can maple syrup spoil?2018-04-12T17:39:07-04:00

If bottled correctly, syrup has an indefinite shelf life before being opened, especially when stored in cool, dark places or frozen (it will never freeze solid). After opening, it needs to be refrigerated, where it generally will last several months.

When and where is maple syrup made?2018-04-12T17:39:08-04:00

Maple syrup can only be produced in late winter/early spring when daytime temperatures rise above 40 degrees but continue to drop below freezing at night. Syrup production is predominantly a phenomenon of the Northeast regions of North America, where the sugar maple (Acer saccharum) tree naturally grows in abundance.

How much maple sap has to be boiled down to produce one gallon of syrup?2018-04-12T17:39:08-04:00

About 20-50 volumes of sap (depending on sugar content) to one volume of syrup. A rough guide is to say 40 gallons of sap make one gallon of pure syrup.

How do I purchase your maple syrup?2018-04-12T17:39:08-04:00

Send us an email, give us a call, or message us on Facebook!

Do you do specialty orders?2018-04-12T17:39:09-04:00

Sure! Contact us about the specifics.

What’s the difference between organic and non-organic maple syrup?2018-04-12T17:39:09-04:00

The same basic methods are used in both organic and non-organic maple sugaring, but the criteria is more strict for which trees a farmer can tap and how close those trees are to other forms of agriculture.  We’ve found in our experience that the purest and finest maple products are created by adhering to organic methods.

What’s your return policy?2018-04-12T17:39:09-04:00

We stand behind our products. If you’re not happy, we’ll make it right.


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