Alchemists in Residence

We are proud to be family owned and operated. After lying dormant for several decades, our sugarbush was reactivated in 2005. Since then, our family has reconvened in Vermont from points across the country for the common goal of harvesting our “liquid gold.”

We embrace the myriad challenges involved in producing syrup in spring and maintaining infrastructure throughout the other seasons. Unpredictably difficult, and at times wildly euphoric, the maple sugaring business has proven to be a gold mine for family relations.

It is also deeply satisfying to participate in a continuum of agriculture that stretches back well before Europeans colonized North America. Today, when wilderness is constantly threatened, the sanctity of the forest endures.

Alchemists of antiquity engaged in a timeless quest to understand the world’s elemental secrets and transform life in the process. At Backwoods Alchemy, we believe those are fine traditions to carry us forward into the 21st century.

Backwoods Employee


Recently relocated from the Pacific Northwest to be an alchemist’s apprentice.

Backwoods Employee


The son of a NYC chemist, he found his true calling in Vermont’s golden alchemy.

Backwoods Employee


Born in Oregon’s big timber country. Our matriarch and the catalyst behind it all.

Backwoods Employee


Serious, satirical, and steadfast. Worked and played in our sugarbush his entire life.


2005 – 2018

The original leader of the Backwoods pack, his spirit still wags by our side.

Backwoods dogs


2010 – 2022

A bone-a-fide legend of the Backwoods, he always liked his syrup extra BARK!


2017 –

Big, fast, and powerful, this guy keeps our sugarbush in line.


2019 – 

Sweet and self-content. Mud-covered and mercurial. Fearless to a fault.

Our Process

It starts in the earth, spreading through the roots to the branches. Through an elemental trial of fire, air, and water, the maple sap is magically transformed to pure organic syrup.

Our History

Our farmstead dates back to the Civil War. Native Americans surely used the robust maple groves as a resource long before that. Today, our small county in rural Vermont is the epicenter of maple farming in the country.


noun   |    back • woods    |   – ˈwu̇dz

1 : wooded or partly cleared areas far from cities


noun   |    al • che • my    |   ˈal – kə – mē

1 : a medieval chemical science aiming to achieve the transmutation of base metals into gold, and the discoveries of a universal cure for disease and a means of indefinitely prolonging life